We have been the main Cummins UK sales dealer for propulsion and auxiliary engines since 2018, however since 2004, working with the Cummins products, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with Cummins engines, installations, warranty work, servicing and part supply.

Cummins offers a complete range of propulsion engines designed specifically for the marine world, be it commercial or recreational marine. The HMLD (High Medium and Low) includes 4.5L – 15L engines, designed to suit both commercial and recreational marine applications, such as Coastguard, Patrol and Defence, Government, Fishery, Motor Yachts, Ribs, Yachts and Workboats.

Cummins renowned range of HHP (High Horsepower) engines, such as KTA/QSK19, K38/KTA38, QSK38, KTA/QSK50 and 60, are available via us, if you are interested in these products please contact us for further information.

All of our staff are trained regularly by Cummins UK, enabling us to help you choose an engine, identify service parts, give advice on fault diagnosing, warranty issues, including helping you diagnose more serious operational issues. We hold extensive stocks of the most common service items for all Cummins engines, including high horsepower.


NEW 3rd Party Multi-functioning Display – Introducing the Poseidon ® 7 – a versatile, third-party display system that caters to customers seeking a sleeker and more stylish option than the commercial Cummins ED4 unit. This 7″ integrated monitoring and control system is available in both N2K and J1939 formats (with adapter unit) and works perfectly with the Cummins C-Command Connect operating system. Customisable to display relevant information based on vessel requirements, the Poseidon ® 7 is ideal for boats ranging from 25 – 60 ft.

For further information please click here.

AUXILIARY ENGINES – Cummins offer a range of auxiliary engines, rating definitions and the range we offer can be viewed by selecting the model under the Engine Drop Down menu.

C-COMMAND OPERATING SYSTEM – J1939 and N2K compliant.

All Cummins engines are now supplied with C-Command as standard, for further information please click the image above. (SmartCraft is no longer offered with UK product).

Some basic decisions to make before deciding which is the correct engine package for your vessel.

The Engine

  • Determine how much power you may require
  • Establish what you will be using the vessel for and how many hours you will be running the engine
  • Consider the weight and size of your engine(s)
  • Do you require 12 or 24V, isolated or negative ground engine
  • Do you have any ‘class requirements’?
  • Do you require Power Take Off for steering or deck wash pump

If the engine is a re-power, then you may decide to undertake a TVA (Torsional Vibration Analysis) to ensure your final selection will operate as it should. You may also consider employing a naval architect to work with you to assist with issues such as prop and shaft calculations. And, remember it is important to discuss an installation review and commissioning. If you choose not to add this to your package, you may negate your warranty if you have not installed your engine to the requirements within the Cummins Installation Guide. (This is available upon request, and always supplied at time of purchasing an engine).

QSB6.7 Marine Engine 250 - 550Hp

The Engine 

Engine & Gearbox Controls

Coupling Type


The GearBox & Coupling

  • Do you require a gearbox or are you on a jet?
  • Can you re-use your current gearbox – is the ratio correct or do you need to modify your shaft or propellor.
  • How will it be mounted. (Directly coupled or remotely mounted)
  • What ratio will you require?
  • Do you need electronic or mechanical gearshifts?
  • Which type of coupling is required – SAE / rigidity