electrical-splashHere at Seapower we can cater for the electrical systems aboard, as well as the electronics systems.

The services cover from the concept and design of a complete onboard system all the way to the commissioning phase, or simply adding an extra cabin light to your system.

With today’s increasing range of essential onboard equipment, loads on the electrical system are increased, so we frequently need to upgrade battery capacity and charging systems. Seawpower marine can supply and fit larger batteries (often in the same battery compartment), increase available battery capacity by system optimisation, and install larger alternators to an existing or new engine installation.

We are also agents for the Adverc alternator charge optimisation system.


Renewable energy technology is more efficient and more affordable than it ever has been. Seapower Maine supply and install Wind generators, Solar panels and Water turbines, and have solutions available whether you wish to top up the batteries over the week or live aboard year round.


With our expertise in the electrical and engineering systems we are in an ideal situation to specify, supply and install AC or DC generators to cope with higher demand than can be fulfilled via the above methods.

AC systems, Shorepower & Inverters

If you need an AC system aboard for running your standard 230VAC appliances, Seapower Marine can implement this whether you are alongside or not. They can also safety check and test existing systems and check earth bonding as well as supply Galvanic Isolators and Isolation Transformers to protect against damaging Galvanic Corrosion attacking your underwater metals.


Seapower Marine supply and install the Frigoboat range of marine refrigeration, which is the recommended water-cooled system for much greater efficiency and practicality.
Please see www.penguin-frigo.co.uk for more details.