There are some basic decisions to make before deciding which is the correct engine package for your vessel.

The Engine

  • Determine how much power you may require
  • Establish what you will be using the vessel for and how many hours you will be running the engine
  • Consider the weight and size of your engine(s)
  • Do you require 12 or 24V, isolated or negative ground engine
  • Do you have any ‘class requirements’?

If the engine is a re-power, then you may decide to undertake a TVA (Torsional Vibration Analysis) to ensure your final selection will operate as it should. You may also consider employing a naval architect to work with you to assist with issues such as prop and shaft calculations.

The GearBox & Coupling

  • Do you require a gearbox
  • Can you re-use your current gearbox
  • How will it be mounted. (Directly coupled or remotely mounted)
  • What ratio will you require?
  • Do you need electronic or mechanical gearshifts?
  • Which type of coupling is required

The Engine 

Engine & GearBox Controls

The Gearbox

The Coupling

Seapower Marine, working closely with Cummins UK for engine packages, will work with you and help you with your decision. We have created a simple download document which helps capture all the data required to start building your new engine installation. And, working with TwinDisk, ZF or Rjeintes gearbox manufacturers, we can also help you to select the correct gearbox and coupling for your installation. Seapower Marine also support the engine package by offering additional services such as TVA’s, Installation Reviews, Sea Trials & Commissioning. *

The Cummins engine packages come supplied with CCommand engine control systems, further information can be found by clicking on this link.

And finally, for peace of mind, Cummins engines and our chosen gearbox manufacturers are all able to offer support worldwide.

* Sea Trials & Commissioning ensure that your installation has been carried out as per the Cummins installation guidelines, failure to undertake this may affect your engine warranty.