Seapower Marine is the Cummins UK main dealer for the supply of the Cummins Onan Quiet Diesel™ Series. Offering the MDK series of generators from 4 – 29kW in various specifications, such as Single or 3Phase, 24 or 12Volt, Negative or Isolated Ground, 50 or 60Hz. Our workshop has fully trained Cummins staff allowing us to convert and upfit generators to suit your installation, with full load-bank testing with video footage taken before dispatch.

We also offer the MDD series and the new QSB7E covering 50 – 150kW options.

We are able to offer a complete range of Cummins Onan Cruise Kits for the entire range of the MDK generators. 

The onboard Cruise Kits provides all the necessary and essential generator parts mariners require for worry free voyages.

The Onan kit consists: 2 x Oil Filters, 2 x Fuel Filters, 2 x Sea water pump impeller, 1 x V-Belt, 2 x Zinc anodes, Laminated marine service and maintenance schedule and a convenient plastic carrying case. To order these, please visit the Online Parts shop or call us on +44 1473 780090.


The new QSB7E Onan Generator

While the enclosed QSB7E is now available for the recreational market, the non-enclosed QSB7 generators have been providing reliable prime and emergency power for hundreds of commercial marine vessels since 2012. The QSB7E for recreational applications offers identical power nodes as its commercial counterpart and shares the same engine, alternator options and controls. By adding a sound enclosure, this dependable genset has been refined and is now ready for use in luxury yachts.

Flexibility was also a key design consideration by Cummins’ engineers. With a total of 12 QSB7E models to choose from, there is not only a range of outputs to select from but also unclassed, class-ready and full-class versions of the product.


About the Onan QD Series Range

The Onan generator is one the most innovative marine generator sets available. The digital series generators, gives you ‘smart power’ with access to user-friendly diagnostic information. The self-monitoring system and flexible network comms provides you with a  level of information for stress free vessel power management.

Sets are available as 50 or 60Hz, with panel options and a range of accessories. All sets come with worldwide 5 year / 2000 hrs limited warranty. Further details can be found on the Technical Resources page together with data sheets and manuals.

We can supply and install all new Cummins Onan marine generators including service work, warranty and spare parts. If you own an older set your model may well appear as MDKB’X’ and not MDKDK (for example), the set will be the same, the letter D simply means it meets new emission standards regulatory in the US. Please call for further details.

System Design and Installation – Our electrical and engineering expertise enables us to design, supply and install AC or DC generators plus associated power distribution systems to cope with the power you need on board today.

Installation Reviews – Ensuring your generator is installed correctly is paramount to your warranty and the use of the machine. Installation requirements are very stringent, we are able to offer advice if you or an independent boat builder are installing the unit and we are available to undertake installation reviews.

Service and Repair – We can test, maintain and repair existing generators and offer a similar winterisation process to that for the vessel’s main engine(s).

Load-Bank Testing – We offer load-bank testing on generators and can provide full test results and video footage once the test has been completed. 

Configuring your PCB – It is very easy to find that someone onboard has incorrectly used your control panel, resulting in your generator not working, and not necessarily giving you a fault code. Each model of generator has an onboard PCB, which is configured to a particular setting before leaving the factory. Pushing control keys too many times will change this setting. If you think this might have happened to you, call us for assistance and we can provide detailed instructions on how to re-configure your set.