Knowledge of your vessel and the importance of ensuring that you and your crew understand the basics of good engine care is essential to the longevitiy of the engine and/or generator performance and your safety whilst afloat.

We offer a comprehensive Captian’s Briefing as part of the service once an engine or generator installation, warranty or commissioning service has been completed. Our engineers will take you through a detailed explanation of the workings of your engine and/or generator, show you what to look out for with some guidance on how often standard consumables such as filters should be changed. 

We can also offer crew training in our workshops with ‘hands-on’ training and in-house classroom training.

Our engineers will always leave an engine room clean and tidy with ‘dry’ drip trays and bilges. Maintained this way will be an fast and efficient indicator of a problem and ensure that possible seawater damage does not spread to other areas of the engine or generator.